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TELSCOPE made for you

Why you should switch to electronic record books

7 reasons to switch
Reduced manual work in connection with log entries
Simple and time-saving signing
Exact time and position for the same event across all relevant books
Log entries can be linked to TELSCOPE checklists
Automatic transfer of log entries to the land side
Automatic data transfer to VDR
Minimized manual administration and no need for storage of physical books
Extended TELSCOPE type approval
All ships with carriage requirements for log books and record books may use electronic solutions for this, in line with IMO regulations. However, it is necessary to obtain additional approval per ship, from the ship's flag state. This is far easier to achieve with a type approved solution that documents compliance with ISO standard 21745 for electronic record books.
TELSCOPE is a comprehensive solution for electronic log books, checklists and future e-navigation services. The logbooks are type-approved by DNV, in accordance with ISO 21745 – Electronic record books for ships and DNV's own class requirements. The solution is in line with SOLAS and MARPOL.
TELSCOPE ensures accurate logging of observations
Incident investigation often reveals a significant discrepancy between the logging of various incidents and the actual course of events. With TELSCOPE far more accurate and correct recording of observations is achieved, with full agreement across the various log books. This can be decisive for the analysis of a sequence of events leading to good conclusions and relevant corrective measures.

TELSCOPE supports both automated, semi-automated and manual record keeping. For any preferred choice time, position and other relevant data from the ship's sensors are retrieved and filled timely and accurately inn by the system.

Quick access to registered data

TELSCOPE electronic record books provide quick access to all entries that may be relevant in connection with incident reporting, demurrage and various insurance-related matters. The desired information can be extracted from each individual record book, and information from several books can be easily compiled.

For MARPOL record books, electronic records are also required to be transferred to VDR, so that relevant entries can be compared with VDR recordings for the same time period. TELSCOPE takes care of this.

TELSCOPE includes the following books

SOLAS log books

  • Deck log book
  • GMDSS log book
  • Engine log book

MARPOL record books

  • Garbage record book
  • Ballast water record book
  • Oil record book I
  • Oil record book II
  • Cargo record book

What our customers say

We saw a need to digitize our processes early on. Having used many products from Telko in the past, TELSCOPE came up as a natural choice as they provide some fantastic products. TELSCOPE has managed to collect all data from various sensors in a very elegant and efficient way.

We have finally done with the physical record books. After replacing first the Deck Log, then the Radio Log and the MARPOL Garbage record book, we are now in the process of replacing all the Engine Logs. The implementation of TELSCOPE has been a long-awaited change and it has undoubtedly made the work with record keeping far easier.
Stig Silden
Captain, Island Clipper
"The paper logs are so old-fashioned that they must be considered beaten only by quill and ink."